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In order to provide comprehensive securities representation to institutional clients, Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP has developed a state-of-the-art, computerized securities fraud monitoring program that allows us to help our clients meet or exceed their fiduciary responsibilities with respect to securities litigation matters. 

Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP’s proprietary monitoring program allows the firm’s clients to make informed decisions about each new securities lawsuit that affects the client’s interests.  The firm’s monitoring clients provide the firm with access to data relating to their transactions in the U.S. stock markets; that trading data is then inputted into the firm’s computerized database and is cross-referenced with all existing and future securities class actions filed pursuant to the PSLRA. Our staff of attorneys, accountants and market specialists assesses the merits of each new securities case filed and notifies the firm's clients of those cases which impact their holdings.

By participating in the firm’s complimentary monitoring program, clients develop the tools necessary for them to:

  • Identify which purchases they have made in the last three years that may be subject to an existing securities fraud lawsuit;
  • Determine estimated damages in each case in which a securities fraud lawsuit has been filed;
  • Promptly obtain advice from experienced counsel about whether to participate actively in a lawsuit;
  • Ensure that all appropriate claim forms are filed in cases in which the client remains an absent class member and is entitled to a recovery.