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We monitor all securities class actions filed pursuant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (the “PSLRA”), reviewing our clients’ portfolios of publicly-traded securities for companies that appear to have violated the federal and state securities laws.  This can be done electronically, with regular updates provided to the client via e-mails and through a state-of-the-art on-line service.


When a PSLRA case is filed anywhere in the country, our experienced attorneys undertake an investigation of the facts to assess the merits of the case and determine whether our clients suffered substantial losses. In the event that our investigation reveals that there has been securities fraud and that a client has significant losses, we prepare materials for the client to review and recommend a course of action. 


Considering a variety of factors, we advise clients as to the legal action appropriate for the circumstances.  Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP has had exceptional success representing its clients in securities fraud class action litigation.  The firm has served as lead counsel in significant securities fraud cases, and we are proud that we have recovered over $1 billion for investors as a result of our efforts.

Claims Recovery

We provide regular updates regarding settled securities class actions and can assist a fund and/or its custodial bank(s) in filing proofs of claim to ensure maximum recoveries.  This service enables our clients to recover all funds to which they are entitled.

Fiduciary Duties

We provide our institutional clients with information regarding current and prospective securities fraud litigation that enables them to meet their fiduciary responsibilities to their members, but does not interfere with their ability to remain focused on managing their funds.

All at No Cost to the Fund

We provide our monitoring and evaluation services without cost to the Fund.  Our litigation fees are subject to a contingency fee agreement, with the final percentage determined by the Court in which the case is pending.  In the unlikely event that a case is unsuccessful, we will not seek reimbursement for our costs or expenses.  Moreover, we will indemnify our institutional clients against any liability that could arise from such litigation.