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In its home jurisdiction, the Northern District of Georgia, which includes Atlanta, Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP leads approximately 95% of all securities class actions. Atlanta is the home to fourteen Fortune 500 companies, which places it third in the nation among cities with the most Fortune 500 company headquarters.  Outside of New York and California, the Northern District of Georgia is the seventh most active jurisdiction for securities fraud class action cases.

In 2004, the firm combined the resources of Chitwood & Harley, one of the nation's top securities class action firms, and Harnes Keller LLP, a premier New York-based securities litigation boutique, to provide comprehensive securities fraud representation for its clients. The addition of the Harnes Keller group strengthened Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP’s trial team and added experience in corporate governance actions.

Harnes Keller was founded in 1999 by former partners of Silverman, Harnes, Harnes, Prussin & Keller and specialized in derivative and corporate governance litigation.  Harnes Keller LLP attorneys have participated as lead lawyers in the establishment of a score of important precedents in corporate and securities law, and have tried ten shareholder claim actions.   

Prior to joining the Chitwood firm, Harnes Keller LLP led a variety of class actions challenging freeze-out mergers, corporate transactions that unfairly dilute interests of public shareholders, self-dealing transactions, efforts by management to interfere with the shareholder franchise, and proxy contests by dissident shareholders.