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Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP's emphasis on professionalism and commitment to zealous representation of its clients has produced both outstanding outcomes in the cases that it has litigated and admiration from the bench and bar.  Courts have recognized Chitwood’s high-caliber work and commitment to professionalism in the representation of its clients:

"[Y]ou demons.  You absolutely worked.  And by working as hard as you worked, you got it.  You got the settlement that I have to believe was a good settlement...So I thought you did a fine job, and you came right up to the plate when it was necessary."
—Judge Breyer, United States District Court, Northern District of California

"[T]he quality of what has been submitted to the Court in this case has been excellent, and I appreciate the quality of the work and your hard work in resolving [the case]..."
United States District Judge Richard W. Story, Northern District of Georgia

"[E]fforts in this case to date have demonstrated their great skill and ability."
"[T]he Court's own observations of Plaintiffs' counsel support a determination that Plaintiffs' counsel are highly reputable and responsible attorneys..."
—Judge Harold L. Murphy, Northern District of Georgia

"Thanks to everyone at Chitwood for your hard work and commitment to our case.  Due to your excellent teamwork in trial preparation, we were able to maximize the recovery for the class.  I appreciate how well you kept us informed throughout the litigation.  Your firm made it possible for the Retirement Systems of Alabama to be an active and effective lead plaintiff."
—William Kelley, General Counsel, Retirement Systems of Alabama

"The State of Georgia was proud to be served by the accomplished and reputable attorneys of Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP."
—Roy Barnes, Immediate Past Governor, State of Georgia

“[L]ead counsel's skill and diligence achieved an exceptional settlement for the benefit of the class."
—United States District Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Northern District of Georgia


"What a benefit [for the class]...I can't describe a better benefit."

Judge Peter D. Lichtman, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles